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The class was inspired by many recent conversations with Women who share a similar thread of challenging, painful, or even non-existent relationships with their parents, specifically their Mothers. I, too, had a very difficult relationship with my Mother, as well as a drug addict father who died in 2016.


I spent many years dealing with repressed anger and resentment over they ways they failed and harmed me.


Healing this wound within myself allowed for me to experience profound expansion and created space for me to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with both Women and Men. And through healing this wound, I’ve gotten to experience a miraculous shift in my relationship with my own Mother (and Father beyond the veil) one that I had given up hope would ever happen.


I want to share with you how I did that so you can experience the magic in your own lives.


Many of us don’t realize that this wound is *ancient*, one of the first cataclysmic rifts created by the Patriarchy. Because our Mother is our first and most influential representation of what it means to be a Woman, a Goddess, it’s vital that we clear any distortion around this relationship if we are to rise into our most fully expressed, Divine selves. 


When you heal this wound, your entire bloodline heals.

Liberated  Daughter

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